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Works created by Xenith, original owner of the Tom's House Hacking Group.
Archived here, for reasons. Directory may be expanded in the future.
The first collaborative hack of The House.
Embark on a journey through Magvel
once more and encounter your best friends
all while being hailed a princess.

Zoinks! After being invited to a Halloween party
at a mansion, the gang check it out, dressed for the part.
But once they finally reach its doors, it doesn't take long
for them to find out that the night will be very, very long...

After his adventure in Magvel, Lawrence goes searching
for himself and sets sail. To his surprise, he's sought
out instead from all directions. After a strange dream,
Lawrence is in for a rude awakening - he's conscripted
into being an arena combatant! Must he battle
his days away, or is there a pale chance of escape? Played by Mangs!

Hacktown. By day, a shabby town known for its mines and peace.
By night, one of the most dangerous towns around, where adventurers and outlaws alike thrill themselves with high-stake duels. One day,
a familiar team recieves an odd message regarding a crisis in Hacktown.
And so, they set out for a last documented mission... Played by Mangs!

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