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Everyone has promises to keep at one point or another, regardless if they are grand or considered minimal. Hence, there are many types of promises, and to many things can come out of them if they are remembered. Some can be made without thought and without acknowledgement. Some can easily be broken, but on the possible contrary, they can be mended with a strong will.

Regardless of any circumstance, Ai is an acknowledgement to all promises. It is a sort of scrapbook holding promises that people hold in their hearts and goals that they cherish, or simply thoughts of the very moment as they had written them and nothing more.
Big or small, percieved as important or not, whoever comes upon this place may decide to show and share to Ai what their promise is.

There are 34 promises shared with Ai at the moment.

Why share?

To be blunt, there is no real reason to - at least, in consideration for Ai itself.
Promises can most often be a personal thing. As such, promises are not similar to written contracts, being as they usually run on something deeper than a mutual agreement.
Though, there may be a few reasons to share in the case of the writer. Perhaps by leaving their promise out there, it could be an encouragement to fufill that oath or upkeep it. Perhaps a visitor might not have any goal at the moment, and might decide to share a promise made up on the spot out of their boredom, only to decide to keep that promise.
Lastly, perhaps the collection of all these promises are symbolic of the human will, and could be an uplifting in testament to the human desire.
These reasons are not meant to pursuade, but they are ones that have been considered in the past. Each person may or may not have an idea for why they would participate in this collection. In the end, it is the reader's decision if they would like to share.

Just perhaps, Ai may assist someone out there in some way. It could be a way to find solace knowing what they have in mind is a bit more visible, somewhere. The promise may not even be something considered important, and might even be broken in the process sometime. Any promise is enough, however, and hosting promises will be the very extent of this place's function.
Perhaps people will see Ai as having no real purpose. Perhaps it is so. And perhaps the promises may be meaningless to others or even broken. But Ai will be here to remain, and like a traveller stopping by to visit an inn long ago, people may stop and simply share their thoughts for the sake of it.
That is Ai's goal - to collect the promises of the world's travellers, regardless of what they are in the eyes of humans.

If you have decided that you would like to share your promise, you may...

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Notice: Direct image uploading is currently unavailable for an unforseeable time. If you choose to send in a promise, you should first upload to a third-party service that allows hotlinking.
If you wish to send directly by email, you may do so by emailing using the same requirements listed in the Writing area.

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